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Visitor Management Solutions

 Visitor Management Solutions  Low Risk Offer

Do you know who’s in your facility: 

Ask yourself the following questions to ensure that your facility is secure:

• Does your current process maintain a profile for each visitor, vendor, contractor or volunteer, including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Current photo
  • When and why the person visited your organization?

• Are all visitors required to wear a visitor badge so personnel can challenge anyone without the proper visible credential?

• Can a dossier of all visitors, vendors, contractors and volunteers be accessed quickly in the event of an emergency where evacuation must take place?
  • In the event of an emergency?
  • In the event of theft/damage?
  • In the event of fire?
  • In the event of evacuation? 

More than one million visitors visit organizations daily, but only one third are identified. Today more than ever, knowing who is in your building at all times is of vital importance.  Not only does our visitor badge system protect the security of your building and the people in it, should evacuation be necessary, it also helps prevent or track theft or damage.

We can help you implement a visitor management badging solution that meets your specific needs and fits your budget.  Whether you want to start small with our carbon copy visitor pass registry books or go right into a software based visitor management system with or without an on-line registration option, we have the right solution for your needs.

IDentiphoto’s Visitor Management Solutions offer:

  • Fast and easy visitor check-in, check-out – no more logjams in the lobby!
  • Secure records - visitor can’t page through log
  • Permanent record – allows you to analyze historical data for audits or security concerns
  • Produce professional looking badges in seconds that enhance your company’s image
  • Identifies organization as one concerned with security  

Automated Visitor Management Solution 

Our automated visitor management system works like this:  
Visitors simply scan their ID (business card or driver's license) for positive identification and quick data entry. All relevant information can be captured quickly and stored in a secure database, including:

  • Photo ID for positive identification, so visitors can’t swap badges
  • Signature capture for non-disclosure or other agreements
  • Name of the host/employee visited
  • Reason for the visit
  • Automatic log of visitor’s entry and exit times for easy reporting and auditing
  • Check against local, national or in-house databases
  • One-time or extended use visitor passes for more speed and efficiency

 automated visitor management solution

self-expiring badges

manual visitor log
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Manual Visitor Management Solution

A step above the paper log sign-in/out sheets, this all-in-one system creates a visitor pass at the same time the visitor is completing the sign-in process.  Each log book contains a carbon-backed area and specific areas are transferred from the log onto the badge which can expire within a specific timeframe.  This unique design maintains confidentiality of individual records so other visitors can’t see who came before. 

Already have a visitor management system in place and just need consumables?  We also carry a full line of visitor management accessories for your automated or manual solutions such as Expiring Badges, Sign-In Log Sheets and Badge Strap Clips.

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