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Tracking & Verification Solutions

 Tracking & Verification Solutions  Low Risk Offer

In today’s world the ID card has become a standard tool to identify personnel.

But they aren’t just ID badges anymore.

IDentiphoto’s tracking and verification solutions take you further.  Now you can view and analyze data in just a few keystrokes or by presenting a credential.  Increase security, save time and effort with photo identification cards that integrate with information YOU define.

  • Easily identify who-what-where in your facility
         Track employees/personnel, visitors, students, patients, contractors
  • Quickly verify pertinent information
         Individual access levels, certifications
  • Track time and attendance
         Great for events and training!
  • Increase security
         Positively validate individuals from criteria defined by you
  • Go Mobile
         Instantly extend organizational knowledge into the field
  • View reports
         Quickly access data to make fast accurate decisions
  • Meet compliance or audit requirements
         Keep digital records, monitor activity
  • Many different technologies
         RFID, smart cards, biometric (fingerprint/iris), magnetic stripes, proximity cards, barcode and more
  • Save time,
         minimize paperwork and reduce manual data entry
Whether you need a secure ID tracking and verification solution for a stand alone to enterprise wide or mobile application we supply and support all the components necessary.  Our team of solution consultants can help identify the right system for your needs.

Employee/Personnel Verification

Student/Staff Accountability

Event Management

Training Sessions/Classes

Mobile Entry Control

Emergency Management

Evacuation Mustering

Resource/Asset Management

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