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Consultative Services

Let our knowledge complement your staff.  IDentiphoto has been helping organizations for over 40 years to simplify their ID badging, tracking and/or verification processes with our consultative services and technology-driven innovative solutions.

Our ID consultants are ID system experts who can help you increase efficiencies and reduce redundancies by automating and/or streamlining processes, ultimately saving you money!

Completely free consultation with no obligation - you have nothing to lose.  Simply touch base with one of our knowledgeable ID consultants today and learn how we can help you.

Providing expert advice on:

Automation of Manual Processes

Streamlining tedious tasks for increased efficiency and better resource management.

Tracking & Verifications Solutions

Helping you account for visitors, staff, contractors, vendors, volunteers, etc. within your facility.

Reducing Operating Costs

Helping companies cut costs by expanding the use of the employee ID card to streamline programs.

Combining Multiple Card Technologies

The cost of carrying multiple cards for different tasks is expensive.  Our ID Consultants can make recommendations to combine your cards into one.

Increasing ID Card Durability

Instead of continuing to replace those broken, defective and worn out cards, speak to one of our ID Consultants for suggestions on how to increase your card longevity to greatly reduce replacement costs.

Preventing Illicit Card Duplication

Helping you secure your existing ID badge, the key to your organizations infrastructure, from individuals with ill intent.

Custom Applications

Designed specifically to address your exact requirements. Whether tracking training credits or meeting compliance requirements, we can create the application you need.


We can help guide the process from an ID badging, tracking or verification system purchase to the best ID attachment for your needs.


Helping you to be more efficient and effective by streamlining data-sharing with an upload or extraction of data from an existing data source.

Re-Badging Projects

Should you internalize the project or outsource it?  We can help guide the entire process by providing you with the pros and cons of your available options as well as facilitating the badging portion.

Unsure of what you need? Please chat live now, contact us or call 800-860-9111 to be connected with one of our ID Experts for a no obligation consultation.  You will be glad you did.

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