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Mobile ID Solutions

 Mobile ID Solutions  Low Risk Offer
Now You Can Identify, Verify and Track from anywhere, anytime, on the fly with a Mobile ID Solution from IDentiphoto.

Mobile ID Solutions
Are Perfect For:

Student/Staff Accountability

Event Management

Training Sessions/Classes

Entry Control

Data Collection

Emergency Management

Evacuation Mustering


Go Mobile and take charge of your environment with mobile devices for your identification, verification and tracking needs.

Why Mobile?

Increase productivity
- Simply scan to enter or retrieve data instantly
- Collect data in the field, sync at the office
- Minimize paperwork and reduce manual data entry

Quick reports
- Information at your fingertips

Reduce data errors
Simply scan barcodes or RFID tags for fast and accurate data collection or retrieval

Improve customer experience
Fast and easy task processing

   handheld devices

A Portable Answer for Fluid Situations:

  • Enforce school behavior policies including attendance and tardy tracking
  • Keep track of rescue workers, medical crews, supplies or equipment at emergency sites
  • Control access – identify, verify and track individuals at entry points, events, contractor sites, etc.
  • Confirm and track training/certification
  • Verify visitors – Do they belong there?
  • Create a custom mobile ID tracking solution – IDentiphoto can custom build an application to your specification

How It Works

Instantly extend organizational knowledge into the field. Simply scan to get real-time access to critical backend systems and the ability to interact with applications that provide the latest information, enable updates, and relay critical data.

IDentiphoto Options

  • Rugged or executive devices to meet your unique environment
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Universal Imager or laser barcode reader
  • Smart card reader (contact/contactless)
  • Magnetic stripe reader, SAM card slots
  • Compatible with WAN/LAN/WiFi/GPRS
  • Mobile Printer – to issue temporary ID badges, on-the-fly passes, receipts

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